Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Simple Comparison

This "professional" photograph was taken at Picture Me Studio located in Walmart.

The employee taking the photo (I refuse to call her a photographer) was rude and was on the verge of losing her patience with my toddler, Hayden. She kept shaking a horrid, noisy metal box in the baby Deanna's face to get her attention, and though it did get her attention, Deanna is not likely to smile for such noise.

The camera was located on a bar and was limited in movement by the limitations of the bar; however, the employee did not move the camera. The children are situated on a dangerously high table. My hand is underneath the rug, holding onto Deanna's clothes to keep her from moving too much; however Hayden is completely free and sitting dangerously close to the edge. The children are not posed well; there is a big gap in between the children. The centering of the subjects in the photo is off. There are no props used in the photo, though there were a limited supply located in the studio.

Six poses were shot for me to select from and the next pose was slightly better; however, I was not informed that I would not be able to select the pose if I wanted to purchase the least expensive $7 package (plus tax and additional child sitting fee) and would instead be stuck with the first pose shot, no matter how poor that photo was. The photo color quality is poor, dull and faded looking.

I felt obligated to purchase a package, though I should have refused to buy any portraits and just paid the sitting fee. I purchased the least expensive package (unable to select which pose I wanted) that included one 8 x 10, two 5 x 7, four 3.5 x 5, 8 wallets, and 16 portrait petites for $7.99 plus $5.00 additional child sitting fee and tax.

This professional photograph was taken at Portrait Innovations.

The photographer taking the photo was patient with the children and worked well with Hayden, who thought we were there to run around and play. She talked to Deanna with a warm and welcoming voice.

The camera is hand held and can go wherever the photographer holds it. The children were posed on the floor with no danger of falling. Props were used without my suggestion, though my opinion of usage was asked.

The photographer took numerous shots, close to 100, of my children using two different backgrounds with props. When the time come to select what photos I wanted to purchase, the photographer helped me select by showing a few photos at a time and asking me which I liked best. There was no one "perfect" photo, but that was not expected by me knowing my children. The color quality of this photo is clear, crisp, no faded out colors.

I purchased the least expensive package of one pose of my selection. The package included one 10 x 13, Two 8 x 10, Four 5 x 7, Four 3 x 5, 32 wallets, and six cards for $9.95 plus tax. No sitting fee.

In the end I spent less money for more, better quality photos and a happier experience at Portrait Innovations. There is no question who will be taking portraits for me next time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lesson's Learned?

Last night when Daddy was preparing to give Baby D a bath, he asked Hayden to pick up his Tinker Toys, which were spread out across the living room floor. When Hayden ignored the request, Daddy told him that if he hadn't picked up his Tinker Toys by the end of Baby D's bath, then they would have to go to the garbage.

At the end of Baby D's bath the Tinker Toys remained on the floor untouched. Daddy went into the kitchen to get a garbage bag for the Tinker Toys. However, Hayden made no effort to change the course of events about to unfold. Actually, he decided to help Daddy put the Tinker Toys in the garbage bag and even went as far as walking out to the waste bin to throw the bag away with never a second thought.

Photo by me

Of course Daddy rescued the toys from the garbage and they now have a home above the washer and dryer. Hayden hasn't even asked about them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Triple Chocolate Cherry Bars

I made Triple Chocolate Cherry Bars to share with my playgroup. I found the recipe on the Betty Crocker website, my favorite site for recipes. This easy recipe will not appeal to those who prefer to not use packaged foods, such as dry cake mix and canned cherry pie filling, unless you are able to adapt the recipe.

Photo by me

The Triple Chocolate Cherry Bars turned out yummy and were fun to share; however, they did not turn out as dreamy as I thought they would. I guess I used the wrong sized pan because my bars were thick, more like a cake than a bar. The chocolate chips are barely noticeable in the bars and I found that I don't really care for the "whipped" frosting called for in the recipe. If I was to make them again, I would use regular sized chocolate chips and plain chocolate frosting.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We've Survived the First 2 Months

Happy 2 months, Baby D. The big day was yesterday! There has been challenges, but we made it through. I'll have to blog about the adjustments sometime in the near future.

Announcement created by me using Photoshop
Photo by Christy H Photography

Today was your 2 month wellness exam with our pediatrician. We learned that you have gained 2 lbs since birth! Today you are 10 lbs, 2 oz and 21 inches in height. You are growing so fast, too fast!

Photo collage by me

My children, slow down, don't rush. There is no need to hurry to grow up! You both are well loved!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silly Boy

Photo by Me

I'm letting Hayden enjoy some play time out on the back patio when he comes walking in with a charcoal biscuit in each hand, "Messy, Mommy, messy."

I asked H what he wanted for dinner, he replied, "fruit snacks."

Hayden says he is "all done" with breakfast. So I look over and notice cereal on the floor. "Did you throw cereal on the floor?" I ask. "No" he replies. "Then why is there cereal on the floor?" And he replies, "Oooookay."

When waking Hayden from an already too long nap, said in an I-don't-want-to-wake-up voice, "Go again!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to the World Little One

I started neglecting my blog about 9 months ago.

This time coincides with the discovery that I was pregnant with my second child... and, unfortunately, the start of extreme nausea that I never experienced to such a degree while pregnant with my son. At this time, it took all that I had to work my required minimum of 10 hours a week and I didn't want to do much more on the computer beyond that... so this blog was neglected.

Fast forward to March 20 - the first day of Spring. I had intended to spend this day with my son, as it was his second birthday. However, it was clear rather early in the morning that someone else had another idea and just before noon we welcomed our daughter to the world.

Photo by Me

Welcome to the world Baby Girl and happy 2nd birthday Big Boy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will You Ever Blog Again???

I've been gone from blogging for far too long. I initially had a very good excuse, that I will tell you about sometime in a future blog, but my excuse is not good enough to cover such a long stretch of time. So, I have a personal goal to get back in the program.

Check back soon!