Friday, November 13, 2009

Lesson's Learned?

Last night when Daddy was preparing to give Baby D a bath, he asked Hayden to pick up his Tinker Toys, which were spread out across the living room floor. When Hayden ignored the request, Daddy told him that if he hadn't picked up his Tinker Toys by the end of Baby D's bath, then they would have to go to the garbage.

At the end of Baby D's bath the Tinker Toys remained on the floor untouched. Daddy went into the kitchen to get a garbage bag for the Tinker Toys. However, Hayden made no effort to change the course of events about to unfold. Actually, he decided to help Daddy put the Tinker Toys in the garbage bag and even went as far as walking out to the waste bin to throw the bag away with never a second thought.

Photo by me

Of course Daddy rescued the toys from the garbage and they now have a home above the washer and dryer. Hayden hasn't even asked about them.

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