Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last night I sent an email to the Dave Ramsey radio show. I explained as briefly as possible my current financial situation, how I felt our situation was hopeless, and asked how to proceed when it seems impossible to catch up where we have fallen behind. Shortly after submitting my email I received an auto-response, “Dave receives hundreds of emails and even though he addresses some on air he cannot possibly reply to them all”, along with links to FAQ’s and such.

Today I listened to the first third of the show (I will listen to the rest tomorrow) and about 30 minutes into the show; Dave starts to talk about hopelessness. Even though my email or name was not mentioned in this segment, I felt that he was talking to me; our forest is so thick we cannot see out, we need a lumberjack.

Then later I received a reply email from a representative for the show. They want me to take my question on air with Dave. I replied that I will go on air. I have to admit, I am scared; but I know there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a freight train.


dmoms said...

wow, that is amazing. I can't wait to read about your experience. Where do you listen to the show? online?

thanks and hope it goes well!

Amy said...

I do listen to the radio show online. http://www.daveramsey.com/radio/home/ You can also watch his TV show on Fox Business.

Jill said...

oh wow! when will you be on?
I'll be looking for a link to the episode. But more than that, I hope that you receive an answer that lights the way to hope.

Amy said...

I don't know when I will be on. I replied, but have not heard back from them. I will be sure to blog about my experience when it happens, though.

Jaime said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog and I came over to check yours out, and I really like it! I'll be your online Dave Ramsey buddy, if you need one. I'm still on pre-baby step one, too!