Monday, July 21, 2008

Notable Websites Series –

After six weeks of maternity leave following the birth of my son, I started doing some work from home with my then employer. It was agreed upon that I could telecommute for 3 months before returning to the office. This agreement “spoiled” me and as the date of my return neared closer and closer I knew that I would not be able to find the strength to leave my son and return to the office. I also knew that there was no way that we could afford for me to be a stay at home mom, I had to find work.

While searching for legitimate work that I could do from home I came across, the online magazine for work at home moms. I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with I love this site because it has a wealth of information for anyone wanting to work at home (WAH) and it is on this site that I found my current job. I hate this site because it tests my patience with slow downloading or refusing to load at all. I have recently learned that has been sold. The site is not expected to change other than moving the site to “bigger, faster servers”, so hopefully there will be improvements to the site soon. However, even with the current slow server, I continue to visit the site frequently and would recommend it to anyone interested in WAH.

My favorite feature on this site is the message board. This is where people get together and discuss all things WAH. You can find information about potential WAH jobs, identified scams and how to avoid them. One comment regarding the message board, if you leave a message, only hit the “submit” button once – even if it takes forever for the submit to occur. If you hit submit more than once your message will be posted an equal number of times in the thread.

One final note on, you will notice “Ads by Google” posted all over this site. The “Ads by Google” are from Google’s AdSense. If you are not familiar with AdSense, an optional feature here on Blogger, AdSense is a “pay-per-click” program that scans the content of your page and then places ads relevant to the content. The site owner is then paid for each click of an ad (no, I do not know how much it pays.) Sounds great, right? Well, this is actually a potential problem on Because contains content focused on WAH the AdSense ads on the site are related to WAH and unfortunately, many are scams. I once saw someone ask why a site that is focused on legitimate WAH would have ad links to scams. The answer is simple, the owner is not able to select or refuse an ad, but since the ads generate revenue for the free-to-use site, the ads remain. The thing to remember for WAH, you NEVER EVER have to pay for a job. If they want money from you, it is a scam.


Dana said...

I always find it amazing that people are willing to pay money to make money.... but I guess there is always a sucker out. Case in point: my mother in law. About 5 years ago she bought these coupons so she could sell them to her friends. She even tried selling them at the county fair. She didn't sell one. Cost: $5000 AND she put it on her credit card.

Anywho.. this is your post, right? :)

So what kind of work do you do from home? is the pay good? how much time does it take?

CeeCee said...

Thanks for putting this information out there. This site literally changed my life and opened up doors I never knew were possible.

wahbizmom said...

I love as well. However, I wanted to clarify that you can filter out unwanted ads in AdSense. The difficulty is that you have to know the exact URL. I add scam related websites to my Adsense filter all the time. But I have to catch them running on my site first, use the right click option to get the URL and add it to the filter. So some do run on my site as well, but I check the site regularly to try and eliminate them. - Leslie Truex

EDUB said...

I TOTALLY agree with everything about! I love it, love the people there but hate how slow it is. Anyone thinking about working should make that site their first stop!