Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Total Money Failure

The question has been asked, how is my total money makeover progressing? Well, it is not. This is why I emailed the Dave Ramsey Radio Show and exactly why I should call the show and speak to Dave.

As mentioned in many of my previous posts, Step 1 of the Total Money Makeover involves; a) be current with all of your creditors, b) write a budget, and c) save the $1000 mini emergency fund as fast as possible. So where am I? Struggling with “a”. I could easily pay my creditors and be current if only they would quit sending a new bill each month! Yes, I know this will not happen.

In Dave’s book, The Total Money Makeover, he discusses that it takes gazelle intensity to be successful in the plan. I have seen gazelle intensity in reading some of my reader’s blogs. I have read about treadmills and other unused objects being sold.

I think everyday about how I can bring in more money. What do I have to sell? DJ and I are not possessions-rich. We do not have expensive toys, recreational vehicles, exercise equipment, excess furniture and both of our vehicles are low value (per Kelley Blue Book). I can only think of one item that DJ and I own that has any value and is not in use, a generator.

Photo by me

On another’s blog, I recently commented that even while working your total money makeover, that sometimes it is ok to spend a little more money on something if it brings you peace of mind. This generator is an object that gives me peace of mind. We live in hurricane central and since we purchased the generator we have not been threatened by a hurricane. It is just our luck that if we sold the generator, we would find ourselves in a hurricane and without power for days or even weeks. If it was just DJ and I, this would not so much be a problem, but now we are a family. We have a child to think about, so I will not be selling our generator.

I know that it will be ok. I will figure something out and begin progressing through the steps. I have been looking into other sources of income and ways to cut back on spending. It will all work out, somehow.


DeVoe Creative said...

Hang in there Amy! You are on the right path, I hope it all falls into place for you!

dmoms said...

I am so with you! We will be on this next step for quite a while (paying off the debt). I'm worried I will give up because I know it is going to take time. My brain is constantly thinking of what else I can do.

by the way, I would NOT sell the generator much different than a treadmill : )

Jaime said...

You're not a failure! It took me a long time to get to a place where I had a working budget and was able to pay everything, every month. For a while I had to pay the phone bill with the credit card! But not anymore, and you won't either. Check out the Simple Dollar today, there are some budgeting tips posted. Good luck!

CeeCee said...

Don't sale the generator. I have been days without power, and a generator can save all the stuff in the fridge/freezer - hence saving $$. Like my rationalization?

Keep doing what your doing. It takes a while to get into debt, and it is NOT FUN to get out.

Dana said...

Amy.. hugs to you! Just keep on keeping on. I love the movie "what about Bob" - do you remember baby steps?! love that! As long as you are putting one foot in front of the other you will get there.

You are so right about your generator. I know I would want to sell it. But the moment I did - I would need it..and hubby would be yelling! lol